Who We Work With

Domino Digital Marketing | Target MarketOur target market is B2B tech companies who have established a level of repeatable sales but who likely have less than £2M in annual revenue.

Let's discuss 'why' in a moment and break down our target market first:

  • B2B - not B2C
  • Tech - not a.n. other B2B category
  • Repeatable sales but <£2M annual revenue

So why this target market? Primarily because we know what we do works for B2B tech companies. It works in B2C too but we haven't tested it and don't have domain expertise. It will also work for non-tech B2B companies, e.g. corporate law firms but again we don't have the expertise.

The last point was basically "not too big, not too small." Why do we look for some level of repeatable sales (not too small)? Because the best person in a B2B tech company to prove the market viability of the product is the founder - the person most passionate, the evangelist...

Why <£2M in annual revenue? For two reasons:

  1. Having established a level of repeatable sales, the founder looks to hire a professional sales person to take the baton and grow revenues. But, there's an elephant in the room - the founder expects the sales person to pick up the phone and leverage their rolodex; the sales person is wondering where the leads are going to come from. A Mexican stand-off can ensue. You can read more on this topic in our foundation post on B2B digital marketing.
  2. Once a B2B tech company reaches critical mass and/or takes external investment (Series-A on), building the functional teams internally will and should take precedence over outsourcing lead generation to companies such as Domino.

We might argue we could do a better job than an internal team but what's the point when we have a large enough addressable market anyway?

So, that's our target market and why. What's yours? Being focused is a critical first step in efficiently generating leads for your sales team.

If you target everybody, you target nobody.Scott Martineau, Infusionsoft