What We Do

Domino B2B Lead Generation ServicesWe use advanced, inbound, digital marketing techniques to generate leads for our B2B tech clients.

The broad process is to use a content marketing strategy to:

  1. Create awareness and generate demand for our client's product/service/solution;
  2. Turn that awareness into web traffic and then into leads;
  3. Nurture those leads until they are ready to be passed to our client's sales team.

The services provided in each stage are described more fully on separate pages: Demand Generation, Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing. The process in detail and techniques used are described in our blog post B2B Digital Marketing, or you can download the free eBook at the bottom of this page.

What we find is the more leads we generate and the better job we do of nurturing them, not only are more sales opportunities created, but those opportunities close faster. That's really a product of volume and effective lead scoring.

This is 'inbound' marketing which, for our target market, is way more effective than 'outbound' (cold calling, e-mail blasts etc.). The switch from a sales process to a buyer's journey is now pretty well complete and the ability to interrupt someone and engage in a meaningful discussion is possible but really a volume play requiring significant investment which our target market generally doesn't have.

No, the role of marketing is to be there with relevant, timely information wherever and whenever our buyer is out there looking for a solution to a problem we solve.

Please check out the individual pages on the three stages for detail on the services we provide. We recognise that you're probably already doing some of the inbound marketing activities pretty well so we customise the services provided to dovetail with existing activities and maximise the value received by our clients.

We work on a retainer basis with all of our clients but don't believe in fixed duration contracts. We're confident you'll see the benefit of what we do quickly and, therefore, allow our clients to cancel at any time if they're not happy.