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  • You're an emerging B2B tech company.
  • You've grown largely through the efforts of your founder who has built the product, been the evangelist, and won several anchor deals.
  • You've hired a sales person/team but they're not working out as you expected.
  • Sound familiar? You're not alone, as this survey from Mainsail Partners shows. Bootstrapped entrepreneurs view Sales as important, albeit a weakness:
  • The real problem for a struggling Sales team is that Marketing is not seen as important, and consequently is an even greater weakness (than Sales).
  • For an emerging B2B tech company, the sole function of Marketing should be delivering quality leads to Sales.
  • You thought Sales was going to generate their own leads though, didn't you? But there's an elephant in the room...
  • A hiring process where you and your new Sales hire danced around where leads were going to come from. You had your eyes on their rolodex, they knew it's a Buyer's journey and didn't want to offer up how difficult it would be to generate their own leads.
  • Maybe you didn't discuss it all? Regardless, you doubtless have a limited marketing budget so 'spray and pray' cold calling, telemarketing or list buying are a waste of time and money.
  • In a Buyer's journey, your job is to be present wherever, whenever, and however your prospects are looking for a solution to a problem you solve. We get you there.
  • It's not telemarketing, it's not list buying, it is inbound digital marketing. We are Domino Digital Marketing.
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