The Emotion and Logic of Buying

The Emotion and Logic of Buying

Some of the insights at Domino are, hopefully you’ll agree, well crafted. Others, like this one, are more of a stream of consciousness. And that’s OK, content doesn’t have to be perfect all the time, sometimes you just need to get some helpful thoughts out there. In our post on B2B digital marketing, we talked about how the sales process … Read More

Domino Digital Marketing Agency – How We Work

Domino Digital Marketing Agency - How We Work

Our main site covers what we do and who we work with but doesn’t say too much about how we engage with our clients, so we’ll cover that off here. As a reminder, the nuts and bolts of how we generate B2B leads for our clients is covered in this blog post. That post and elsewhere on our site talks … Read More

How to Define Your Target Market

Domino Digital Marketing | Target Market

Starting with the premise that “if you target everybody, you target nobody” let’s talk about how you define the market segment you’re going to go after. As a B2B tech company with some level of repeatable revenue, you’ve already made sales and you’re looking to make that transition from founder-led sales to hiring your sales leadership team/person. But, you have … Read More

Notes from a Small Cap Raise

Notes on a small cap raise

I’ve had the lessons from my time as CEO of a tech start-up running through my head for the past ten years or so. I thought I’d share three lessons (one cap raise, one on Board management, and one on personal stuff) in case they may help amongst the hints and tips of growth through inbound digital marketing. First some … Read More